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Fitchburg Historical Society Opens Exhibition on Abolitionism

A resurgence in interest in the history of the Underground Railroad and anti-slavery activism led the Fitchburg Historical Society to create a new resource and exhibition, "Researching the Underground."

The Society cites media like film and books as possible reasons for this interest.

Susan Navarre talks about the way history finds a way to enthrall each generation:

"Each new generation discovers an exciting resource like the Fitchburg Historical Society and the Underground Railroad for itself. We are hoping to make it easy for today’s young historians to build on the work of the past. We want to help them create new scholarship and books on Fitchburg’s role in the fight to end slavery."

Learn more about the Fitchburg Historical Society's efforts to make available resources and information on the Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist Movement in the full write-up here.

Visit the Fitchburg Historical Society website for more information about Fitchburg, a city at the center of industry, culture, business, learning, and innovation since 1764.

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